Yellow Fossil – Sandstone

Fossil Yellow sandstone is a very versatile stone. It can be used in countless contexts, formats and surface finishes.

Its physical-mechanical characteristics, together with its soft tones and the possibility of multiple finishes make it the ideal stone for floors, handcrafted pieces, mouldings, facade cladding, door and window cladding, balustrades and columns, chimneys, etc.

Fossil Yellow is a perfect stone for use on the edge of swimming pools, as it is a non-slip stone, which is not heated in full sun and is not waterproof.

Technical data sheet:

Expecific weight: 2.38 gr/cm3
Coeficient absorcion: 2,20 %
Resistance including: 537.64 kg/cm2
Flexion resistance: 91.29 kg/cm2
Desgaste resistance: 11.72 mm
Package resistance: 22 cm
Module heladicidad: 0,05 %