Travertino Red Marble

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The Travertin Red Marble has the peculiarity of presenting a varied finish in shades and with an aggressive visual texture that gives it a special character.

It is a stone suitable for any climate and has the peculiarity that depending on the cut and the finish can give very varied and showy final results.

Technical data sheet:

Description: Carbonated freshwater rock, medium grain, with cavities.
Mineral Composition: Main components: calcite.
Accessory components: limonite, red hematite.
Physical-mechanical characteristics:
Absorption: 1.23%.
Apparent density: 2.52
Flexural Strength: 11.52 MPa
Helacidad test: No alterations (after 60 cycles)
Loss of Resist. Flex: 22.3%.
Resistance to thermal changes: Does not alter
Abrasion resistance: 24,5 mm
Anchorage Resistance: 2030 N
Slip resistance: usrv 69
Impact Resistance: 44 cm