Macael Grey Marble

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The Macael Grey Marble is a calcitic marble with medium grain and crystalline.

One of its most peculiar characteristics that differentiates it from other marbles is that it is very resistant to extreme temperatures, which makes it the appropriate material for constructions in certain environments.

Technical data sheet:

Absorption: 0.06 %.
Apparent Specific Weight: 2,71
Shock Resistance: 48 cm
Flexural strength: 15.5 MPa
Compressive Strength: 96.9 MPa
Frost resistance. Weight loss: 0.02 %.
Alterations: No
Resistance to Thermal Changes Weight loss: 0.02 %.
Alterations: No
Anchorage resistance: 1700 n
Abrasion Resistance: 22,5 mm
Slip resistance: Usrv 52