Bassalt – Volcanic Stone

Bassalt is a volcanic stone is a perfect material to use in floors, walls and kitchen countertops, giving them a contemporaneity like no other material can do.

Its dark grey tone marked by very subtle veins gives it an elegance and particularity that makes it one of the preferred by our most avant-garde customers.

Its high resistance to rubbing, along with the ease it offers for cleaning are not features that should be undermined.

Technical data sheet:

Actual density: 2700 kg/m3
Absorption coefficient: < 1,2 %.
Melting temperature: 1100ºC
Mechanical compressive strength: > 1800 kgf/cm2
Mechanical resistance to flexion: > 245 kgf/cm2
Resistance to abrasion wear: 0.08 grs/cm2