Alba Limestone

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The alba limestone is a stone of fossil origin widely used and recommended for facades for its flexibility, hardness and contrasted resistance to climate change.

The usual use for this limestone is usually on façades, bathroom cladding, shower trays, worktops, stair steps, etc.

El uso que es habitual para esta caliza suele ser en fachadas, revestimientos de baños, platos de ducha, encimeras, peldaños de escalera, etc

Technical data sheet:

Reaction to fire: Class A1 fl
Flexural Strength: Lower Expected Value: 6.8 MPa / Mean Value: 8.7 MPa
Slip resistance: SRV dry: 80 / SRV wet: 57
Frost/thaw resistance: Nc=168 cycles without breakage
&8226; Apparent density: 2180 kg/m3
Abrasion resistance: Maximum expected value: 31 mm / Average value: 28 mm