Modern solutions for architecture and decoration

Iberica Marble & Granite Corporation are manufacturers, distributors and exporters of natural stone products of Spanish origin. Our proven professional experience and deep knowledge of our trade, allows us to produce a wide range of natural stone for decoration and construction.

These materials are manufactured using quality natural stones, and allow us to offer you fossilized, multicolored, yellow, gray, black and as many tonalities as your finishing techniques allow us.

Marble is one of the most versatile materials discovered by man. Its elegance and durability make it the first choice for many uses. However, the main uses of marble are construction, decoration and sculpture.

In terms of construction, marble as a material works perfectly in modern buildings, giving them a clean and elegant look. It combines well with ceramics, wood and other commonly used materials. The marble has a long durability, and can be used in areas of heavy use, such as stairs and corridors. In fact, the guarantee of use of marble is set at 20 years.

As a building material, marble is easy to use, clean and maintain. Marble tiles can be applied on almost any surface: it can be cut to fit any size and is also prepared to perform its function in humid environments.

World-famous monuments such as the Taj Majal and the Alhambra have been built with marble. And although perhaps the greatest architectural innovation of the ancient Romans was the systematic use of concrete, marble forms the basis of all the most relevant Greek and Roman buildings that have survived to this day.

When used indoors, the elegance and durability of marble make it an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and staircases. Marble is often used to form wonderfully complex tile mosaics by combining stones of different classes and colors. Marble floors give a sophisticated and elegant look to any room.