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Amarillo Fosil

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We can do anything in Natural Stone

We have professionals and a qualified team for the design and  production of our products, together with machinery and the latest cutting edge technology that allows us to realize any design for any special requirements.

Our specialized installation and finishing team, provide the right execution of the works. They are of main  importance to get perfection in all our projects.

During the lifespan of our company we have taken part in important personalized projects, from specific projects for private houses, designed by architects and interior designers, to airports, hotel chains, banks, etc.



Differents types of spanish marble

Crema marfil

The Crema Marfil marble is the best cream marble on the world. Its rich colors, excellent polish, its excellent physical qualities and impact resistance, combined with low water absorption coefficient make it the preferred choice of all architects and developers when choosing Crema Marfil.

The surface of this natural stone allows any type of finish, highlighting its completion in polished, highly recommended for interior cladding and flooring for the brightness it brings to the room. The Crema Marfil marble honed or aged finishes is the best choice for outdoor use.

These are the crema marfil marbles that Iberica Marble can offer you:
Crema marfil clasico  Crema marfil standard  Crema marfil select


Macael marble

The Blanco Macael is mostly extracted around the town of Macael, which is located in the southeastern province of Almeria - Spain. The Blanco Macael is a white coloured marble, with uniform background, medium grain and compact. It presents some light blue-greyish calcite grains and muscovite flakes.

Its main variations depend on the purity of its white coloured background (with less grey veinage), which is normally classified by types (Type A, Type B, etc). There are also other variations that are extracted at both Macael and el Chive areas, which present a more or less darker grey colour. We present some of these variations on the Other Stones page.

Negro marquina

The Negro Marquina is explored around the town of Marquina, which is located in the province of Vizcaya (Basque Country region) - northeast of Spain. The quarries are considered of large dimension, from where large blocks are extracted. It is estimated that there are large reserves of this marble for the future exploration.

The Negro Marquina is a black coloured marble, with fine grain and occasional areas with white veinage and fossils remains. It presents a very dark black coloured and uniform background. Its main variations depend on the intensity of the black colour, abundance of white veinage and white fossils.

Dark emperador

The Dark Emperador is extracted in the area around the town of Yecla, which is located in the region of Murcia – southeast of Spain.

The Dark Emperador is a dark brown coloured marble, with fine grain and some irregular and crossed lighter veinage. It presents some occasional signs of calcite with small dimension. The Dark Emperador is a breccial type of stone. Its main variations depend normally on the tonalities it may have (darker or lighter), but also on the amount of calcite (more or less).


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