• We got a long experience as exporting companyWe ship the material to the 5 continents, in the best conditions
  • We own quarries of exclusive materialsIn our products section discover exclusive materials
  • We have the best architectural and decorative solutionsThe quality and purity of our materials will contribute to the excellence of its results
  • Marble and granite of the highest purity and qualityWe offer a wide range of marble and gratine from Spain


Amarillo Fosil

Special and Exclusive Material: Basalto


Featured Products

We are a young, both constitutionally and profile of our human capital, a company committed to their workand are proud to present to their customers as the best guarantee that a company can own.

Architects and building professionals in our natural stones found an element of elegance unchanging over time as vectors of attributes like durability, texture, chromaticism and beauty.

We have the capacity to carry outboth large infrastructures, such as design and quality that requires a good custom project, bringing technological innovation and renewal of concepts, incorporating new designs and betting big on making artan everyday, developing a business as a manufacturer and marketer of a widerange of products cover in all kinds of marble and granite.


During the course of our business we have been involved in major projects both nationally and internationally, such as are airports, hotel chains, supermarkets, banks, etc ...

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    Polígono Industrial de Palma de Gandia - C/ Garbí Nº12 - 46724 Palma de Gandia ( VALENCIA, SPAIN )